For my own project I wanted to create my own Content Management System (blog / WordPress). With this I practiced with PHP and working with databases. I wanted a site where I don't have to create a new page for every article, but that a template is filled in from the server. I thought this was a great project, I learned a lot and I definitely want to continue with it. It is not finished yet, but it is a work in progress.

MyMacintosh is a website where I share tips, tricks and findings about projects I've done with Apple products. In these projects I couldn't find something online myself, so I had to find out for myself. I want to share this with people in similar situations. Like a wiki.

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mymacintosh xd screenshot

Totally different

Here is a screenshot of the Adobe XD file in which I made a concept for MyMacintosh. The concept was just a concept because it has been changed completely while coding. It hasn’t been updated while doing so but it’s an work in progress so I will document the latest changes.


As you can see in this screenshot, I’ve used a certain new design style. I used Neumorphism on the big buttons so they look soft and touchable. When clicked, the button dents in. This style can been seen all over the website.

mymacintosh panel screenshot