For this school assignment, I was asked to create an online magazine in HTML and CSS. It had have the look and feel of a real magazine in website form. I came up with my own topic/ theme but the website didn’t had to be a fully working blog. Just a static magazine. I had to design and code the site and to write the articles myself in English. The assignment was to practice with difficult layouts and to keep them responsive.

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maxintosh xd screenshot


For Maxintosh magazine I made this concept in Adobe XD. I’ve made it very extensive and made one or two pages too much but that has left me some room to change. Most of this concept has been realised as expected but some pages have had bigger changes.


I wanted to get a few modern looking animations in the website that aren’t too troublesome. In this screenshot is an iPhone that scrolls slower than the rest of the page so that I could match the time scrolling of the image and the text without too much blank space.

maxintosh iphone 11 pro page screenshot