Galerie Vion


For the final assignment for school I had to make a portfolio in order to hand in my assignments from that period. Think of websites and other graphic exercises. That period was mainly about making websites responsive. The assignment was also to make this portfolio site look like another existing website, but with your own content. I chose to use the Apple website layout and I think it worked out quite well.

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galerie vion xd screenshot

My work

Vion asked me to redesign, host and support her new website. The home page contains picture of all her paintings and bronze sculptures. Besides that, we wanted to use 4 main colours and use them prominently. It’s supposed to be clean, modern and arty. The colours are colours that Vion likes to use in her art too.

Three redesigns

When I first met Vion, I made a new website for her with WordPress. We later found out that it couldn’t deliver what we would like it to do. I redesigned the second new website and coded it myself. Recently I started redesigning and rebuilding her website again because I have more and better knowledge of designing and coding now.

galerie vion old xd screenshot